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APEX FLAGS and DESIGN CENTER dates back four generations and is now a century old family?? tradition that uses both traditional and modern methods in producing quality flags.
With each of these methods in flagmaking, we guarantee high quality and our personalized service.

In terms of grace and beauty, there is no substitute for the traditional method of appliqué and embroidery.? Appliquéd flags are made by sewing pieces of small fabric to the field in order to create the design. ?Depending on each unique logo, sometimes a combination of embroidery is possible to enhance the total look.
We recommended this method for smaller flags with fine details. However, a minimum volume is required.
In this method, more details can be translated since the whole design of the flag is embroidered in full-thread.? Because the embroidery weighs down the banner, this finish is employed mostly for indoor requirements.
This is the quicker way to produce flags in volume, though there are limitations to the possibilities, since the printing is done by hand.? For simple designs that require spot color, this is our recommendation.
For flags and banners with more complex designs, where the design is only limited to your imagination and ability to supply artwork in the required format.? No minimum number of pieces required for this method of printing though the choice of materials is extremely limited.


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