APEX FLAGS AND DESIGN highly specializes in Custom Made Flags and Banners, and National Flags. We place special attention to details to produce the finest craftsmanship.

With APEX, there are no limits to the design nor to the size of flags we make – we’ve done flags from the simplest to the most intricate designs, and produced flags of miniature to very large sizes.
Whether sewn, appliquéd, embroidered or printed, APEX is the one shop you will need for your flag requirements.

As part of our customer service, APEX has come up with its own design department to take the strain and assist you in the design, and layout of your requirements. We are here to give our recommendation for the best material and finish suitable for the job you have in mind.?
We simply want you to be satisfied!

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APEX FLAGS and DESIGN is all about quality products, good service and creativity.

Only APEX makes your flags and design come alive!
No matter how well any flag is made, it will eventually wear out but the maintenance of all flags is essential. Dirt and chemicals in the air, high winds and adverse weather conditions all help to reduce the life of flags. However, there are a few steps that can be taken to prolong the life of your flag.
  1. Protect your flag from exposure to storms, snow or abnormally high winds, as these adverse conditions can shorten its life. If your flag should become wet, let it dry completely by spreading it out. Never roll or fold your flag when it is wet or damp as this can also damage the fabric.

  2. Even a small tear could result in the flag becoming tattered. Inspecting your flag for any small tears or signs of wear can prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem. If you notice a tear or wear at the end of the flag, trim and re-hem the end, and your flag will be ready to fly again.

  3. It can be advantageous to have two flags available so that whilst one is in use the other can be repaired and laundered.

  4. Outdoor flags should be correctly folded and sealed in moisture and bugproof plastic bags. Store in a safe, cool, dry place.
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